Frequently Asked Questions.

If you don’t see your question, please contact us and ask it directly. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

How do we transport the photo booth?

The unit is designed to fold into each other for easy transportation. You can use a foldable hand truck to move it to the location where it needs to be setup. Here is a video of a transport and setup:

How do we program the photo booth?

We will provide you with an online dashboard that allows you to manage all your events and all the details for your photo booth business. This dashboard allows you to effectively manage upcoming events and also take notes and details for the booking.

Through the dashboard you can manage the your photo booth business.

Do you teach us how to program the photo booth?

Yes. There are training videos available online and also we will answer any questions you may have.

How do clients get their pictures and videos?

Every event will have an online photo booth gallery where all the pictures and videos are stored.

How do clients choose their event print template?

We provide an online template designer that will allow your clients to choose from over a 100 different templates or even create their own. They can even customize where the photo booth pictures are placed for a complete flexibility.

Our designer has a work flow that allows your clients to review and approve their template as well. This feature locks further changes from being made to the template by the client. Through your dashboard you can unlock a template in case it is needed.

Does the photo booth need to be updated continuously?

We do push software changes do the kiosk to ensure that you have the latest and greatest features and functionalities. The software updates are coordinated with you.

Does it need to be connected to the internet?

The photo booth can operate independent of Internet connectivity. It does need to be connected to the Internet to get the latest configuration or software. It also stores all the event pictures and details and uploads them once connected to the Internet.

What happens if the photo booth breaks down?

Our kiosks are designed to withstand demanding conditions and operate without issues (fan less design). The unit provides us with health checks and we can troubleshoot remotely. If we can’t fix the issue remotely then we will replace the unit (this is our unit and you are not buying or renting it). The unit is designed to contain all the electronics in the screen which can be shipped for service without having to ship the whole stand.

There will be charges if the unit stops working due to physical damage.

The unit can work with different printers but the default one that we provide is DNP RX1 printer. The printer is serviced by DNP or one of their representatives.

What happens if the unit breaks down on site?

Although we have encountered issues (ran out of printer paper or template issues) we have never had a unit stop working. We will troubleshoot remotely and assist to resolve the issue.

Our current operators have multiple units and they can easily switch between the units (advantage of not spending capital to get multiple units).