At Tribute Kiosk, we’re experts in the hardware and software that we develop. Our professional-grade photo kiosk helps you create exciting fun for your clients and capture the magic of every moment. When you use our open-air kiosk, you’re ready for any event you’re part of.

The Tribute Kiosk Experience

Unlimited Prints

Your customers will be at the photo booth all night.

Exceptional Photos

High-quality camera and portable DNP printer.

Memory Capsule

Our online gallery makes it easy for your customers and their guests to enjoy their memories.

An Exciting Experience

Unique customizable templates, with slow motion and timelapse features.

Super Simple Setup

Our AI Assistant Photographer supports your client, so you don’t have to.

Personal Support

Free training and tech support whenever you need it.

Pay as You Go

Only pay for it when you use it.

We Work with You

We use your feedback to make the photo booth even better.

Delivery & Setup

Easy to Deliver – Our open-air photo kiosks are mobile and only take up 2.5’ by 2.5’ of space.

Simple 2-Part Design – It only takes less than a minute to have our kiosks be placed wherever you want them to.

Printer Included – Photo quality printer is part of our photo kiosks.

We mean it. Only pay for our photo booth when you use it.
Partner with us for a flexible and reliable experience. Work with experts in the photo booth industry.​

Configuring and Operating

Create & Manage Events

You can easily add a new photo booth event and manage your offers and features through the photo booth event dashboard.

Customize Prints

Easily choose from over 100 templates and tune the print for each event. Event host can also review and approve the print template before the event.

Delivery & Setup

Our easy to delivery design allows for you to deliver and setup in less than a minute. Kiosk holds the printer so no need for additional table.

Why Should You Put Your Trust In Us?

We provide our kiosks through Hardware-as-a-Service.  Which means that you only pay when the photo booth is being used. This helps you build your business without incurring thousands of dollars in investment cost for purchasing a photo booth.

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Through our service you get the latest software updates and changes. You can enjoy the latest features and benefit from great functionalities that become available in the newest software versions.

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One of the many plus sides of our kiosks is that its image is neutral and open to any features or enhancements that you would like on your end. You are able to customize branding to reflect your photo booth business.

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No marketing on your end? No problem. Tribute Kiosk provides exceptional service and tools in branding and marketing for your business to flourish. We provide sample unbranded marketing material that you can use in order to create your own marketing.

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List of features that are included in our photo booth

  • Manage events from one central dashboard
  • Coordinate photo booth bookings
  • Review offers and features provided
  • Review previous templates and attendants
  • Review the design of previous bookings
  • Update and revise print branding through the dashboard
  • Update and change email branding
  • Guests have the capability to choose and change photos in the prints
  • You can design your photo booth prints online
  • You can customize the size and location of photo booth prints
  • You can add images and text to the photo booth prints
  • Easy-to-use online tool to customize prints that can be shared with the event host
  • Workflow allows for the event host to review and approve the print design
  • Modify the design and marketing for the demo prints
  • Event host can add personalized messaging to emails sent out
  • Event host can customize each email to the email address
  • Event host can customize the email branding for outgoing emails
  • Automatic milestone emails to assist with marketing efforts
  • Automatic social media posting
  • Easy to implement booths that are designed to be mobile
  • No additional support needed for the printer
  • Enclosed booth to ensure safety and prevent accidents
  • Photo booth designed to work independently
  • Manage and customize camera settings for optimum photos
  • Photo booth is designed to perform unattended
  • Photo booth includes sensors to detect individuals and greet them
  • Photo booth includes built-in flashes for lighting
  • Photo booth allows for a number of photos to be taken
  • Photo booth allows for a reprint of the photos
  • Photo booth allows for the photos to be emailed to guests
  • Photo booth works independently of the internet
  • Photo booth will sync and upload photos once connected to the internet
  • Photo booth allows for dance videos (slow-motion 7-second videos)
  • Photo booth adds music to the dance videos
  • All the event photos are shown on screen during the event
  • The booth automatically switches to the next event once the time arrives
  • Photo filters are provided automatically on the booth
  • Photo booth includes green screen feature
  • Automatic time-lapse video of the event
  • Event email list for lead generation
  • Event analytics produce graphs and reports
  • Over 100 templates updated frequently
  • Every event includes a unique photo booth album
  • Event guests can upload photos to the album for their mobile devices
  • All individual photos will be available through the event photo booth album
  • All printed photos will be available through the event photo booth album

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